Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today, I have baked redemption

If at first you don't succeed, stomp your feet and feel like a failure, then pick yourself up and bake more cookies.

I would like the world to know that I am not a failure and I've got the GF cookies to prove it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Attention all those within a quasi-reasonable distance of a WinCo foods. It is imperative that you get in your car, go to WinCo and get yourself a Jaunita's Fiesta Bag! of tortilla chips, like so...

Then you need to head on over here and make this salsa.
Then, if you're anything like me, you'll eat chips and salsa for dinner.
And lunch the next day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I miss cooking with flour.

Would you believe me if I told you that these were supposed to be chocolate chip cookies?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vital Wheat Gluten

I remember shopping at the Macey's fantastic case lot sale a few years ago and running across a carton of Vital Wheat Gluten. Over the years, I had met a person here and another one there and another one there that was, in one way or another, affected by Celiac Disease and therefore, I was aware that there was a certain portion of the population that couldn't process wheat gluten and that it actually made them very sick and prevented them from becoming properly nourished.

At that moment in Macey's, I found the term "Vital Wheat Gluten" to be somewhat ironic.
Now I find it extremely ironic.

Before Christmas, Brent found out that he's gluten intolerant. What this means for you is that you will no longer have to listen to him share way too much information about his digestion process, nor will he likely feel the need to tell you about his awesome, uber toilet that will wash you, dry you, do your laundry and vacuum your floors. It also means that if you plan to dine with us any time, ever, for the rest of our lives, you will have to listen to us ask about every ingredient in every dish and then tell everyone that he can't eat it and possibly bring our own food along.

What this means for me... is a lot more.

As a wife and mother, I'd say that I spend a cool 50% of my life thinking about what to make for dinner, shopping for food for dinner, making food for dinner, baking goodies for after dinner (or before) and cleaning up the dishes from dinner. And now, none of this involves flour. Excuse me, none of this involves WHEAT flour. I can use lots of other kinds of flour. Observe...

In my pantry, I've also got potato starch, xanthum gum, sorghum flour and brown rice flour. And maybe a couple others. I'd have to check.

I'm learning that no matter what kind of flour/starch cocktail you manage to come up with, you really can't recreate the texture and flavor of good old all purpose wheat flour... but sometimes we can get close, and we can get creative. And its completely worth it, because it's not just Brent that can't eat wheat. Of course, Lizzy's test came back positive as well.

She's been a total trooper with it. She loves rules and structure and seems to be thriving on her new dietary restrictions. We took her to a bakery last weekend to get a special cupcake, she was so excited.

And now, I'm that mom following her to school and church and birthday parties explaining that my child has "special dietary needs" and bringing along her own snacks and treats. I don't like it very much. I'm hoping that eventually, people will just know that she can't have wheat and I won't have to hover so much. Or that she'll be self regulating when it comes to her diet. She's pretty uptight and tends to enjoy self deprivation, so I can see that happening before too long.

Isn't life funny? So here's to curve balls and gluten free cooking and a healthy family!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting back to reality

So... Christmas came and went. So did New Years. School has started again as well as dance and work and everything that comes with real life. I'm half relieved and half disappointed. I didn't take a single photograph of our Christmas festivities, partly because I'm embarrassed to show how over indulged we all were. Brent got some cute videos, but they're on Brent's phone, not my computer. I went out of town for a week and didn't even bring my camera. Life has passed me by and I've got nothing to show for it.

Apparently I've been on autopilot for a while now and it's time to kick myself and start functioning again... hence the blogging even though I've got nothing to blog about.

Since I haven't got anything to blog about, I thought I'd show you a little Christmas present that I got myself. I'm so thoughtful and I knew exactly what I wanted. I buy myself the best presents.

I'm referring to the red poster on the wall.
The one that says "creative minds are rarely tidy" (as opposed to all the other red posters on the wall)

Basically, I bought this because it made me smile.
It made me smile because my house is ALWAYS messy.
I have said many a time that my house is always messy because my mind is just too free and creative to be restricted by silly conventions... like cleanliness.
I've always said this in jest, but apparently I'm not the only person to have had the thought, which is why I smiled when I saw the poster.

From now on, when you come to my house, I will no longer be constantly apologizing for its current state and will, instead, be hiding behind the guise that I am "a creative mind."

I find the whole thing to be very pleasing.

As you can see from the photo, I've got some room left for another poster and I intend to fill it with one of the following.


They are, of course, both parodies of the ever popular...

...that the whole world seems to have a copy of.

Anyone wanna weigh in on which one I should get. I like the one referring despondency, but, I don't know, it kinda makes me just want to sit around. I wonder why.

It will be my own little wall of cynicism. Actually, it's technically a backsplash, so you can call it my backsplash of cynicism. If you're in to that kind of stuff. You know. Technicalities. I'm too creative for them, myself.

*Edited to say... I often talk about a time when I was a teenager and I cleaned my room and kept it clean for like, an entire month, which was an accomplishment for me. After a while, I got so sick of it that I messed it up on purpose. A while ago, I related the story to a friend of mine in my ward. She's probably about my mom's age and I we were talking about how hard it's always been to keep things in order. I thought that she was a kindred spirit and would understand my plight. When I told her my theory about enjoying the mess on a certain level, she said

"no, I don't think that's it. I think you're lazy."

I like her even more now.