Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nursery No. 4

So, my nursery is totally finished. Ya, for reals. And a whole two months before I'm even due with this baby. I'm totally on top of it. It's about the only thing in the world that I've got under control at the moment, so I find that when everything else in my life seems to be spinning away, I'll go sit in my clean, finished nursery and just soak in the peace that it brings me.

For some reason, with my first two girls, I felt compelled to try and have gender neutral-ish nurseries. I'm not really certain why or how I came to feel that way, but I did. This time around, I was in the mood for girly, so I decided to just commit to the idea. And commit I did. At my last appointment, the doctor did an US to check on the size of the baby and confirmed that I was STILL having a girl, which is good, because I'd be feeling pretty silly putting a boy to bed in this room.

This nursery was a total 'renew and make do' kind of project. I bought THE RUG new and the curtains and the fabrics, but (with the help of my mom on the bedskirt and darling gingham blanket) I made or re-used most everything else in the room.

Jane actually did most of the work on the cute little curtains to hide all my baby junk. I got the little frames from my neighbor, like, a year ago. She was going to give them to DI. I just replaced the ribbon and put some of my fabric scraps in them until I have some photos that will work.

Brent helped me make the shelf. We just used some pine and bought the little corbels from Lowe's. I figured that the mason jars would be stylistically appropriate and they can hold all the small baby paraphernalia that I require.

I DID opt to get some new hardware for the dresser, but in my own defense, it came from the dollar spot at Michael's, so that makes it ok, right? Plus, I really like it.

If there are pictures to be taken, Lizzy and Charlie are sure to get in on them. When I look at how big they are, it makes me freak out that I'm having another one!

I made all the bunting from scraps left over from the bedding and other projects. I love the color they add, if I do say so myself.

Like most of my best ideas, I stole the one for the pictures over the crib off of Pinterest. I was a little nervous about how they would turn out, but I've decided that I really like them. I bought the cards from THIS SHOP off of etsy and bought a couple of the frames from D.I., but I actually had all the other ones and the mats.

I made this blanket, except for the hard part. Leslie made the binding for me and taught me how to make it in the first place. It was super nice of her. She's super nice like that.

I didn't get a good photo of the red blanket that my mom made. She's made them for all her grandkids. I love the red in there. Red makes me happy.

Hello again, Miss Biz. She's standing on a chair that we already had and just moved into the nursery. That pink message board thinger has been about 5 different colors as I've moved it from room to room. I also repainted the red lamp and covered the shade in ruffles made from an old sheet-turned drop cloth. I had to wash the sheet rock dust out of it first, but the price was right, so I made it work.

And there you have it.

Even if the rest of us aren't quite yet prepared to bring a new baby home, the nursery is ready and waiting.


Brooke and Dustin Jackson said...

can't you come finish my nursery for me?

it's amazing. duh.
i would expect nothing less.

Grammyzanne said...

How colorful and fun! Now what are you going to do to keep yourself occupied for the next two months?

Emily Call said...

I love it Laura!!! Totally had to repin this on Pinterest. I want to come see it in person.

Barbara said...

You did do an amazing job. I don't know how you find time to do all that!!

Kathy said...

I LOVE it! Great job! My nursery still isn't finished and Molly is 3 months old.

Sheri said...

I love your classic but quirky style. I would love to live in that room! And what happened to Charlie ? He is nearly a man !

kennan said...

stop it. your house always brings tears to my eyes, and now with this nursery added into it, i can't be friends with you. its all too cute.

MaryAnn said...

Love it.

Robinson Family said...


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Mighty Meg said...

This nursery is beautiful! Where did you get the fabric you used for the curtains under the changing table?? I'm in love with it!!