Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sing Ob-La-Di-La-Da.

And another month has passed me by since I posted last.

Lately, I feel as though I am in the middle of a life where the months fly by almost unnoticed, but the days themselves are painfully slow. It seems like every new day holds a new surprise or a new challenge and usually, in the moment, it feels hard and miserable and unfair, but what can we do? We do what you have to do. We deal with it.

And I have to admit that once each day and each challenge comes to an end, I look at things with a little perspective and realize that in the grand scheme of life and the universe, it probably wasn't actually all that big of deal, so we move past it.
So basically, you know. Life goes on.

This past week, life was particularly full of surprises for us, and for once I took a couple of pictures to remember it by.

Our Lizzy caught herself a little cough/cold thing, which really shouldn't have been that big of a deal, but when you are predisposed to have asthma, it seems like things that shouldn't be big deals work themselves into huge ordeals. She was struggling to breathe, so Brent took her to the quick care for (what I thought would be) a simple nebulizer treatment and oral steroid to push her through the worst of it, but it didn't turn out to be so simple.

When they got there, her oxygen levels were alarmingly low, so they ended up coming home very late, after several unsuccessful nebulizer treatments, followed shortly by the HomeCare people who delivered her prescribed oxygen. It was a little crazy, I must admit. We had it for a few days and I was glad to see them come take it away. The only times I've ever been around people who needed to be on oxygen, they were older people who needed it to stay alive because of lung diseases. Since Lizzy generally seems like a normal, healthy little girl, it was difficult to mentally shove her into that category.

But push through it, she did. And as cheerfully as you could expect an almost 5 year old manage it. We spent a LOT of time in the doctor's office (ours was on vacation, so we had to go to a referring dr. across town who's waiting room was jammed full all the time and constantly playing The Emperor's New Grove. i think i watched it all the way through 3 times in 2days in that waiting room) and a lot of time inhaling albuterol, but she's doing so well now.

And on the bright side... she never was actually admitted to the hospital, she never had to be sent to respiratory therapy, we now own our very own nebulizer for future emergencies, and her oral steroid has completely cleared up her eczema (for the moment). So we are left with a completely healthy, delightful little girl.

As soon as we had Lizzy under control, my body decided to give out on me. Dumb bodies. I wish they would just do what we want them to do instead of making trouble for us all the time. I ended up in the hospital over the weekend with kidney "issues." I think the diagnoses still depends on who you are talking to, but there were DEFINITELY problems with my kidney and when you are already seven months pregnant with a low ridin' baby AND you have kidney issues, it makes for an.... uncomfortable weekend.

I had been considering trying to have this baby naturally, but I have since changed my mind. Prenatal kidney "issues" can have that effect on a girl. Sigh.

And on that note, here's what I look like at 7 months pregnant.

Charlie is quite the iphone photographer, aint he?
I keep getting harassed for being "so tiny!' Seriously. Even random people at the supermarket will comment. But looking at these pictures, and considering that I've still got 2 whole months to expand, I feel like I'm plenty big. Take that, random people in the supermarket!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go brace myself for another day. Let's hope its a good one. :)


Barbara said...

So glad you're both apparently on the mend!! I hope your Dr. visit tomorrow gives you more information and results in your ultimate restoration to full health. So glad Lizzy bounced back fast.

Sheri said...

Oh my goodness! So glad Lizzy is doing better. Bailey (Ginger's daughter) has a nebulizer at home and has to use it for her asthma. She is still in dance and swimming, so the asthma doesn't seem to be holding her back. Also, about the size of your 7 month tummy...I think your babies just stand up, while everyone else's lays down and tries to stick their feet through their mama's belly button! Hang in there...and why go natural if you can be relatively pain free? I just sat in on Ginger's birthing experience...an epidural is the way to go :)

Robinson Family said...

You've had a rough go, but glad you're both on the mend! Hope the next two months go by with no more issues. By the way, you not only look small, you are one of those adorable pregnant girls too! Take care of your self.