Monday, August 13, 2012

Hard Work

So, this morning, I was in my bathroom, trying to get myself looking somewhat presentable before I prepared to leave my house, when Charlie walked in.  He was making his usual morning demands...

"Mom!  Can I watch a different kid show?"
"Mom!  Can I have some more cereal?"
"Mom!  Can I have a popsicle?"
"Mom!  Where's Dad?"

He's got about 10 different questions that he harasses me with most mornings and I try very hard to ignore as many of them as possible.  I will sometimes try to give him little tasks to keep his mind busy so that I can have a little peace as I brush my teeth and apply mascara.

"Why don't you go downstairs and see if you can find your Star Wars guys."
"Take the doggy's toys outside and see if he wants to play with you."
"Check the kitty's food and water and fill her bowls for her."

I'm generally unsuccessful in my attempts to distract him, but I'm a stubborn girl, so I keep trying.  This morning, I tried something a little different.

"Charlie?  Is your room clean this morning?"

Ya right.  Like any of my kids have just awakened one morning and spontaneously cleaned their rooms.  But we started giving this kids allowance over the weekend, with the stipulation that kids with dirty rooms don't get their allowance, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

"Yes."  he replied.  (never ask charlie a direct question if you want an honest answer.  he will always say 'yes.')
"No Charlie, I mean have you pulled up your sheets and blankets all nice and smooth?  And put your pillows on pretty?  And put your clothes away in their drawers?"

.....blank stare.....

"Why don't you go work on that for a minute?"

And you know what?  He scurried off down the hall and left me in silence.  SUCCESS!

A few hours later, I finally got into the room to check it all out and much to my dismay, this is what I found...

I almost laid into him, ready to tell him not to pretend like his room is clean when it isn't and not to try and trick me.  Then I looked at his face.  And his GINORMOUS brown eyes staring sincerely back at me and realized, right in the nick of time, that he really did try to make his bed.  All by himself.

"See Mommy?  I did it." He said.
"It was a wot a work."

Bless his little Charlie heart.


Lynda/Mom said...

OK, he's a winner!

Shae, Jay, and chillin' said...

So precious.

Lynda/Mom said...

Haven't you built him a new bedroom since you posted this? Hmmm.

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