Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Charlie's little buddy

After the usual 9 long months, today, my sister had her baby.

Meet David Steven Jackson.

He's so sweet, aren't newborns just the best? And doesn't Leslie look a little too beautiful to have given birth just minutes earlier?

The big brother.

They are destined to be friends, they really don't have a choice.

I kept having to check Charlie in with the nurses and show him to them before he came in and before he left. They say it was a security measure to make sure I'm not a baby stealer. Does he look like a newborn to you? I stuck him in David's little crib thinger (can't ever remember what they are called) to make sure. Nope, not a newborn.

And Jane wouldn't leave until she got to hold him.
Congratulations Leslie and Cam!


MaryAnn Dillard said...

What a cute little guy! Tell Leslie congratulations from me!

Lynda/Mom said...

The crib thingy is an isolet. Thanks for the pictures--I was hoping Leslie would post and thought she had, but yours are great! I plan to help at Leslie's tomorrow with Ben and any other necessities.

Lynda/Mom said...

OK, so she did post. Guess I'm not the only night owl.

Shae and chillin' said...

Looking great right after having a baby, looks like the two of you have something in common. I remember your photos showing the same "I've really not just been in labor and pregnant" look. Cute cousins. I like the picture of Charlie in the isolet/bassinet/crib thing.

Austin's Mommy said...

Cute pics. Lucky you are all so close!
Beautiful families.

Barbara said...

I love the "going to see Mommy" picture--it is great. Glad you were all able to see the new arrival.

Leslie said...

Charlie looks enormous next to David. He'll probably outgrow both his cousins. Cam and I apparently have little guys.

The Calls said...

That is so exciting. He is a cute little guy. Congrats!