Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I like about you

Lizzy is growing up of so fast and I don't like it. The toddler years are my favorite. There's something so exciting about toddlers, the way that they are discovering the world, but not the sad or scary parts that you don't want them to discover. Before I know it, my toddler will be gone and I'm going to miss her so much. So in an effort to remember the things I love about this stage, here are some of the things I don't want to forget about Lizzy

-The way she loves her sister and copies everything she does. She repeats the words that Jane says, laughs when she does, dances when she does, it's so fun.

-She doesn't speak super clearly yet, but she thinks that she makes perfect sense, she treats you like you are crazy when you don't understand her.

-She is obsessed with putting things the way they are supposed to be. Doors are supposed to be closed, socks and shoes are supposed to be on your feet, trash is supposed to be in the garbage. She makes messes, but as soon as you ask her where something is supposed to be, she's compelled to put it away.

-When I put all her lotions on her, she likes to help. She'll show me where she itches so that we can put medicine on her in the right spots.

-She loves her little brother. She won't give anyone in the family kisses except for him.

-Speaking of which, she might have the makings of a puppetier when she gets older because if you ever ask her for a kiss or hug, she makes her dolls do it. She's not often very snuggly, so we eat it up when she is.

-The girl has got SUCH an attitude with us and we're awful because we just laugh at her.

-She is a total daddy's girl. I have to get her up in the morning or she'll cry for hours that her daddy has left her.

-She loves candy especially "lollies" which is a sucker or really any candy on a stick. "Want lolly!"

- When she talks, she speaks so deliberately, concentrating on each word before she says it. "I.... love... you.... mo....mmy"

- Today she found a drawing from nursery a while ago and wanted it. She started saying "Show mommy, show mommy. Oh, so cute!" I think they must have encouraged her to show me her drawing.

-She's always down for bath time. "Need tub tub!" She mostly just tries to drink the bath water, so she must be closely supervised during her "tub tub."

-She loves necklaces and will wear several all day and even sleep in them if we forget to take them off.

-Instead of saying "meow" to make a cat noise or "woof" to say a dog noise, she will actually do her best to imitate the sound the animal makes. She's pretty good at it too.

-She's reached that age that she knows we think she's adorable and uses it to manipulate us. You should see the sly smiles she send us, we almost always fall for it.

I'm sure I'll come up with 10 more before the end of the day... I'm so in love with her.


Lynda/Mom said...

What a little stink muffin!! Of course, we all love her because to know her is to love her, as the song says. I hope you get your blog on some sort of permanent storage so you don't lose all the memories.

Jenny R said...

What a great idea to document this! I bought a journal after Nina was born intending to capture everything about her and then give it to her later. I did not keep it up - how sad!