Saturday, February 28, 2009


On Friday, we...

had a cute friend come play

watched Nemo

acted pretty silly

ate cheese

painted our toenails

fed the car

took lots of pictures, and of course, did some laundry.
It was quite the eventful day at my house, which (embarassingly) reveals how little we usually do around here. When grabbing a Sonic during Happy Hour and hitting the car wash is the makings for a good time (and don't for a second think it wasn't, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves), it's no wonder I'm a bit nutty.

Now I have to go prepare a Sunday School lesson, which will require me to think like an actual adult for the first time this week. It's quite the adjustment, wish me luck.


The Calls said...

Laura, that sounds like the perfect day. Good luck with your lesson. I am glad I am in the Primary... I don't have to try to think like an adult. ha ha.

MaryAnn Dillard said...

Your life sounds like mine. The highlight of Megan's week is when we going shopping at Smith's because they have those carts with the cars in the front that the kids can sit in. She loves it.

Barbara said...

I don't have the kids to add interest, but my life is not a whole lot more interesting. I'm off to lesson preparation as well--good luck.

Lynda/Mom said...

I have seldom done less than in the last two days. Maybe it's just in the air. Yes, good luck with your lesson--it was all I could do to put together a RS monthly bulletin and try (unsuccessfully) to finish my visiting teaching. You're doing just fine!

Shae and chillin' said...

Maybe that is my problem with teaching gospel doctrine to the young singles...I have forgotten how to think like an adult.

ginger said...

WOW, what an adorable little girl you had over to play! And...what an amazing gal you are to keep and entertain someone elses little one. Thank you, you are the best. I would be happy to watch your little people anytime you are in So. Utah. By the way, I enjoyed your lesson, you are very capable of being adult-like when necessary! Thanks again.